The online training programme

Build a powerful body, focus, and discipline , while keeping your schedule in check


online coaching?


You control your schedule by choosing preferred training times, while being in constant contact with me through frequent checks and communication

Save money

Online training helps you save money while being supported by a personal trainer and hitting your goals

Support & community

You can rely on my constant support and, on top of it, you will be able to share your experience via the Facebook community

How it works

The online training programme


I will send you a questionnaire to assess your goal, fitness level, nutritional and life habits, schedule and time availability

Training plan

After 2-3 days I will send you a complete plan tailored to your goal, needs and time availability

Nutritional advice

I will work with you on meal preparation and macro-nutrients. I will help you establish a nutritional routine that will keep you fit and support your training while eating what you like

Weekly checks

Scheduled checks will help you maintain commitment to your training and will allow me to track your progress and adjust your workout plan if necessary

Continuous support

You will be able to contact me for any questions, observations or concerns. This will be in addition to a weekly call and it will ensure that we can overtake any obstacles to your training in real time


Weekly checks to keep you motivated

Weekly checks will be an integral part to your plan. The purpose will be to leverage micro-commitments which are little actions that you will take while building willpower and getting closer to your goal

Online Facebook community

The community will help you to keep focused

On our Facebook community I share videos, tips and useful advice that provide support to members during their fitness journey

Choose the right plan for you

the online training programme



6 Weeks



12 Weeks



12 Weeks

All you need to know

frequently asked questions

Online training include weekly checks and calls for me and you to keep track of your progress and boost your motivation. If you will work closely with myself, fully commit, and stick to your plan, it will certainly work!

Weekly checks are extremely useful in order to keep you on the right track! They also enable you to leverage micro-commitments that will further push you to achieve your goal.  Every week, you will be taking a step forward towards your objectives, and every step you will take will further increase your motivation to comply with the plan designed for you. I will also be available at all times. On top, you will be able to use our Facebook community as an effective platform for you to share your progress and experiences with other guys that are pursuing similar goals.

All trainings plans I design do apply the principle of progressive overloading. To get bigger, leaner or stronger, progressive overloading is key. We will constantly increase the intensity of your workout, monitor your performance and achieve great results together.

This is up to you. You can either train at the gym, at home with basic equipment, or you can rely on functional and high-intensity interval training with no equipment at all. I will assess your goal and I will create a training plan accordingly for best results.

If you decide to train with equipment, at the gym or at home, I will advise you on exactly what you need to use.

 I will provide videos and tutorials that will explain in detail every exercise and technique you need me to go through with you.

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