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helping busy male professionals,
to build strong body,
focus and long-term success

It’s beyond aesthetics:

My story

I teach what I've learnt

I’ll keep this bit very brief. 

As a kid, I was first chubby, then I became quite skinny.  I started training at the age of 15. The ideal image of myself has changed over time.  At times, I wanted to gain weight and bulk up, and at other times I wanted to lose weight and shred.  Even though my goal was changing over time, there were a set of common factors that helped me to succeed in reaching it.  These can be summarised as a strong sense of discipline, persistence and determination. Through this, I have come to learn that it is possible to achieve whatever goal you have if you go after it with these three in mind.  Through this also I have come to learn that success is not an overnight thing. Rather, it relies on consistently working hard to realise your dream. 

As humans, our nature is that we are constantly evolving.  If we work to build and maintain the necessary levels of balance and willpower, we will become better prepared to deal with our ever evolving selves.  Today, I build training plans that reflect my views on human nature and commitment to long-term success.

"I truly believe every busy man can build long term-success, with balance and willpower"

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