Online Personal Trainer

I help male professionals
to build powerful bodies, strong focus, and long-term life balance

I will help you achieve your


Powerful body

Strong-performance, sprint and endurance, so that your body will enable you to hit overall life success and confidence

Strong focus and discipline

Success goes beyond a strong body. Improving your focus and discipline will enable you to achieve overall side goals, such as a healthier nutrition, less alcohol consumption, an active lifestyle and mental clarity

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Long-term successful balance

The ultimate challenge is finding your balance. No dietary or training plan will work out on the long-run if not consistently followed as part of your long-term routine

Be the most confident and best performing version of yourself


My Clients

I am training
other people like you

The way to be successful in the long run

the online training programme

bespoke training plan

Getting leaner, bigger, or stronger. I will work to help you achieve your goal, by building a bespoke training plan based on your body shape, time availability and endurance level

nutritional advice

I will guide you through macro-nutrients and meal preparation. I will help you establish a nutritional routine that will keep you fit and support your training while eating what you like

Continuous support & community

You will be able to contact me for any questions, observations or concerns. This will be in addition to a weekly call and it will ensure that we can overtake any obstacles to your training in real time

frequently asked questions

No. Training plans are bespoke to your goal and current training level. It is never, ever, too late to start.

Yes, for those who have been training for several years, together we will surely achieve more results. Through a bespoke workout plan, progressive overloading and weekly checks, we will deliver great results.

My training plans are bespoke to male professionals with a busy schedule and stressful working routine. Every training plan takes into close consideration my clients’ weekly and daily availability. With some commitment and perseverance, we will incorporate your workout session onto your daily busy life. 

It will not be easy, but it will be worth it to give it a go

don't give up without trying